Are You Undergoing Hearing Loss?

Are You Undergoing Hearing Loss?

Could hearing loss be responsible for some of your recent communication issues? While you might not be aware of it, hearing loss signs Hearing-Aidare often subtle at first and easy to overlook. Fortunately, your Long Beach, CA, ear, nose and throat doctors, Drs. Jesse Tan, Jesus Tan, and Rose Eapen, diagnose and treat hearing loss here at Tan Head and Neck Center.


Hearing loss signs and symptoms

One or more of these signs or symptoms may occur if you have a hearing problem:

  • Difficulty with Conversations: Is it hard to carry on a conversation with friends and family members because you can't hear some words or even complete sentences? If you often have trouble following conversations, hearing loss may be to blame.
  • Misunderstandings: When you can't hear every word, you're much more likely to miss key parts of conversations with your supervisor, clients, spouse, or family members. It's only human nature to try to fill in the blanks when you miss a few words, but unfortunately, you may make an incorrect guess and bring your partner a gallon of milk when he was expecting you to pick up a pizza.
  • Trouble Hearing When You Can't See the Other Person: If you have hearing loss, you might be relying on lip-reading to help you fill in the blanks. Conversations may be hard to understand if you're speaking to someone on the phone or in another room.
  • Volume Issues: Do you regularly experience arguments about the ideal volume for the TV or radio? If everyone else prefers a lower sound level, you might be suffering from hearing loss. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to hear well even if the volume is high. Hearing loss may make it difficult to separate dialogue from the background music whether you're watching a TV show at home or catching the latest thriller at the movie theater.


How your Long Beach ENT can help you

A visit to your ear, nose and throat doctor is a must if you've been experiencing hearing loss signs and symptoms. Your doctor will determine the cause of your problem and recommend treatments or devices that may help. If the loss is caused by loss of hair cells in the ear, a common age-related cause of hearing loss, a hearing aid may be helpful.


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