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By Tan Head and Neck Center
May 24, 2017
Category: ENT
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While vocal cord lesions may seem like they would only occur in those who use their voices frequently, such as singers, anyone can get vocal cord nodules, polyps, cystthem. Learning how to identify these issues can help your ear, nose and throat doctor diagnose them at their earliest stages, while they are most treatable. Find out more about vocal cord lesions like nodules, polyps and cysts with Dr. Jesse Tan and Dr. Jesus Tan at Tan Head and Neck Center in Long Beach, CA.

What are vocal cord nodules, polyps and cysts? 
A vocal cord nodule is similar to a callus, often occurring due to overuse on the vocal cord of those who use their voices for singing. Nodules normally disappear on their own with vocal rest. Polyps come in all shapes and sizes and are often found on only one side of the vocal cord. A vocal cord cyst can occur on the surface of or deeper within the vocal cord and vary in size and location. A cyst usually requires surgery and vocal therapy to treat.

Do I have nodules, polyps, and cysts? 
If you suffer from vocal cord lesions, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • gravely or scratchy voice
  • vocal fatigue
  • lost voice
  • breaking voice
  • low pitch to the voice
  • airy pitch to the voice
  • hoarseness

If you suffer from a vocal cord lesion, you may notice that your symptoms get better or worse over time. They will not, however, go away on their own. If your symptoms last for a longer period of time, you should consult with your ear, nose and throat doctor.

Vocal Cord Lesion Treatments in Long Beach, CA 
Treatments for these conditions will vary depending on the type of lesion you have. Most commonly, your doctor will begin by suggesting vocal rest or vocal therapy. If these treatment options fail, your doctor may suggest more invasive methods like surgery to remove or repair the lesion. Your ear, nose and throat doctor can help you determine which treatment is best for your condition.

For more information on vocal cord lesions or their treatments, please contact Dr. Jesse Tan and Dr. Jesus Tan at Tan Head and Neck Center in Long Beach, CA. Call (562) 988-8818 to schedule your consultation with your ear, nose and throat doctor today!