Publications by Dr. Tan

Nov 8, 09 04:05 PM PST

Nabili V, Tan JW, Bhuta S, Sercarz JA, Head CS. Salivary duct carcinoma: a clinical and histologic review with implications for trastuzumab therapy. Head and Neck, 2007 Oct; 29(10):907-12.

Nov 8, 09 04:04 PM PST

Osborne RF, Tan JW, Hamilton JS, Calcaterra TC. Bipedicled sternocleidomastoid muscle flap for reconstruction of tail of parotid defects. Laryngoscope, 2004 Nov; 114(11):2045-7.

Nov 8, 09 04:02 PM PST

Nguyen CT, Tan J, Blackwell KE, Bhuta S, Sercarz JA. Primary melanocytic schwannoma of cervical sympathetic chain. Head and Neck, 2000 Mar; 22(2):195-99.

Nov 8, 09 04:03 PM PST

Tan JW, Kosins A, Luong B. Termination of first-degree atrioventricular block after successful parathyroidectomy. Submission in progress.Coming soon.