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What’s New at the Tan Head and Neck Center

Robotic head and neck surgery are coming to Tan Head and Neck Center! After extensive training at select national medical centers, Dr. Tan, the top ear, nose, and throat doctor in Long Beach, CA, is now certified in robotic head and neck surgery. This cutting-edge technology allows a minimally invasive approach for tumors of the head and neck. Tumors that traditionally required open surgical incisions and dissection of head and neck structures can now be approached intra-orally without an external incision. This significantly reduces operative complications and length of hospital stay while increasing the speed of the patient’s recovery. This futuristic technology is only offered at select medical centers nationwide. We are proud to be one of the leaders pioneering this exciting advancement in surgery.

Your First Visit

We want your visit to the Tan Head and Neck Center to be enjoyable, efficient, and productive. We strongly believe in giving the time needed to address the unique medical concerns of each patient. In order to expedite the processing of information for new patients, please download our New Patient forms , fill in the necessary information, and bring them to your first visit. Please also bring a copy of your medical insurance card and photo identification.


Co-pays are expected at the time of your visit. We accept cash, credit cards, and personal check. An ATM machine is available in the building.