Advancements in Surgery and How They Help You

Advancements in Surgery and How They Help You

The further into the future we get, the more modern medical technology becomes nothing short of a marvel. Nothing showcases this more than the advances in robotic surgery which have been made in recent years. But how do these incredible advancements in surgery help you? Find out more about head and neck robotic surgery with help from your Long Beach, CA surgeon at Tan Head and SurgeryNeck Center.

What is robotic head and neck surgery? 
Recently FDA approved, robotic head and neck surgery provides a minimally invasive approach to traditionally complex and extensive procedures. Surgeries which once involved large incisions and long recovery times can be performed using smaller incisions and more efficient procedures. The robot’s pinpoint accuracy allows your Long Beach doctor to treat your head or neck condition with ease.

What conditions does robotic head and neck surgery treat? 
While some patients may require more aggressive traditional surgery, robotic head and neck surgery can treat many conditions, including:

  • Oral cavity and throat cancer removal
  • base of tongue resection for sleep apnea
  • thyroid surgery
  • general ear, nose and throat surgeries

How does robotic surgery work? 
Robotic surgery uses smaller instruments held by a robotic arm. These smaller instruments allow your surgeon to utilize different approaches to traditional surgery. Additionally, the robot’s miniature instruments allow incisions to be much smaller, leaving less scarring, and in many cases no scar at all when done through the mouth. Your doctor controls the robot from a console located inside of the operating room using a camera inserted through a separate incision to internally monitor your surgery. Most robotic surgery procedures last from one to two hours depending on their complexity. The robotic arms have a much greater range of motion than traditional methods, allowing the instruments to make smaller, more precise movements. Since the incisions are smaller, patients usually experience less blood loss.

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