Lumps in the Neck and Thyroid Disorders

Lumps in the Neck and Thyroid Disorders

Whether it is you who first notices it, or your doctor discovers it during a routine examination, a lump in your neck can seem scary at first. If it turns out to be a thyroid nodule, having found it at an early stage can help you avoid some of the complications that are common with thyroid disorders. Removal is typically the best form of treatment if these complications are suspected, even if the nodule is benign. You can get a thyroid surgery consultation in Long Beach, CA, by contacting your Tan Head and Neck Center professionals, Dr. Jesse Tan, Dr. Jesus Tan, and Dr. Rose Eapen.

Thyroid Nodules

These are small growths that can develop within the thyroid gland. They are actually quite common, as they can affect about half of the United States population by mid to late adulthood.

For some, the symptoms can be hard to ignore and can include difficulty swallowing or speaking, and pressure in the neck. A lump may also be felt at the base of your neck. Not everyone dealing with thyroid nodules may experience these symptoms, which amplifies the need for regular examinations by your doctor.

Thyroid Surgery in Long Beach, CA

There is a possibility that these nodules can be cancerous, even though the likelihood is relatively small. The good news is that thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable types, with a very high success rate.

The thyroid gland serves a variety of roles all through the production of the thyroid hormone. Which helps regulate everything from the way our body handles temperature, the food you eat, and even reflexes. After thyroid surgery, you may be prescribed thyroid hormone to help maintain your body's balance.

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