Sinusitis Treatments To Help You Breathe Better

Sinusitis Treatments To Help You Breathe Better

Sinusitis, an infection, and inflammation of the air-filled chambers in your face impacts millions of Americans. At Tan Head and Neck Center in Long Beach, CA, your ENT physicians diagnose and treat sinusitis. Whether you experience it on an acute basis or have multiple episodes in the winter (chronic), Dr. Jesse Tan, Dr. Jesus Tan, and Dr. Rose Eapen can help.

The details on sinusitis

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 37 million Americans suffer facial pain, fever, nasal congestion, and extreme fatigue associated with sinusitis. You may develop this problem if:

  • You have allergies and asthma
  • Travel by air frequently
  • Are exposed to indoor/outdoor pollution or tobacco smoke
  • Have structural abnormalities in the nose and sinuses (fleshy polyps, deviated septum)

If your symptoms persist beyond four days, please contact our Long Beach, CA, office for a consultation with one of our ENT doctors. He or she will perform a complete, in-office examination, including a simple examination with a thin, lighted scope.

Treating and preventing sinusitis

Your ENT physician may recommend waiting a few days before prescribing antibiotics to see if the infection clears by itself. If symptoms continue, you may take a course of oral antibiotics. In either case, control pain and congestion with decongestant sprays, humidification of room air, and over the counter ibuprofen.

Additionally, your otolaryngologist may advise Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, a minimally invasive way to visualize the interior of the nose and sinuses. Using a thin, lighted scope, the doctor can remove polyps and other obstructions which lead to sinus infection.

To help prevent sinusitis, try:

  • Gently and frequently blowing your nose
  • Avoiding cigarette smoke and other pollutants
  • Treating your allergies
  • Using a Neti pot to wash out your nose
  • Drinking plenty of water and other fluids every day

Please contact us

At Tan Head and Neck Center, our ENT team helps scores of Long Beach, CA, patients breathe well and feel their best. Get the help you need for your sinusitis. Phone Dr. Jesse Tan, Dr. Rose Eapen, or Dr. Jesus Tan today for a consultation. Don't wait. Call (562) 988-8818.